Saturday, 28 April 2018


Taking only a mere five and a half hours to get tthere from Hornsey, I took the gear for the up and coming supergroup, SAD BOYS CLUB, for their gig at the prestigious 'Also Known As' venue in the heart of the bustling metropolis known as Banbury.  The band was great.  

I liied the look of Banbury. Hitherto I had known it only for its station car parks.

Today I came across this in The New Criterion: 

The second [of Anthony Burgess's novels], The Worm and the Ring, derived from Burgess’s postwar employment as a schoolteacher in Banbury, Oxfordshire. It appeared in 1961, only to disappear because the Mayor of Banbury, recognizing herself in the character of the school secretary, sued Burgess for libel. The Banbury interlude also generated a play, The Eve of St. Venus, which Burgess was to recycle into a novella in 1964.

Also, check out the latin inscription on the entableture:

So there we go.  Banbury.

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