Sunday, 25 June 2017

Charlotte Mew

I've often tried to find the grave of Charlotte Mew, who is buried in Hampstead cemetery, where I walk my dog every day.  I have finally found her. She was lying down (her tombstone has collapsed).  Her life was a sad one.  Many of her poems are about death..  She wrote often from a masculine point of view, but her style is entirely her own.   Go here for full gen.

So, anyway, I've written a poem to mark the occasion.  Thought I might post it.  I write very few poems at the moment, so...


So with a smile he overstepped the grave

I’ve been looking for you, Charlotte Mew,
For quite a while, and now I’ve found you
I’ll return with a book one bright day
And, being dead, you’ll not turn away.

I’ve stepped over you a dozen times
Map marked for an outstanding stone.
Wasn’t ready for collapse, the lone
Prone unmarker among upright lines.

I shall stand above you in the rain
And I’ll watch your dull limestone sheening
I shall stand above you in the sun
While the damned parakeets are keening,
Now I’ve found you, Charlotte Mew.

Wynn Wheldon

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Dickens and Thackeray

'It is usual to compare Dickens with Thackeray, which is like comparing the grape with the gooseberry; there are obvious points of resemblance, and the gooseberry has some superior qualities of its own; but you cannOt make red wine of it.' 

Friday, 2 June 2017


Is it silly of me to wonder whether, given the people who surround him - Milne (East Germany the workers' paradise), Murray (no! North Korea the workers' paradise) - and his own skewed idea of what is right, Corbyn is likely to share state secrets with his pals' pals in Moscow, Pyongyang, Gaza, Caracas, etc..? Be interesting to know quite how NATO would feel about his PM-ship, and I daresay the EU would be delighted that the UK was on its way out. 

So yes, I admit, I would rather have May, who has proved herself an utter flop, than Corbyn, if only because she is not him. I don't think she is actually dangerous. I know he is.  I don't think domestic politics will be that much different, one way or another: we're heading for a fall. In the (incredibly) still unlikely event of the Dear Leader becoming PM, those who fear the worst will find it not so bad, and those poor dear souls who think JC is the Messiah will be sadly disappointed. At least there'd be a proper opposition. Truth is, Corbyn's just another politician. I'll vote Liberal Democrat because it is the only party to have an agenda at least partly based on reason. I voted to Remain. I still vote to Remain, and curses on those who don't (most of you, it would seem, especially the young, who were so ready to blame the old for Brexit - eat yourselves children).