Monday, 3 November 2014

from PRAETERITA - John Ruskin's Autobiography

On his very early Toryism (learned from reading Sir Walter Scott and Homer) I grew older, I... saw nearly all the noblemen's houses in England; in reverent and healthy delight of uncovetous admiration - perceiving, as soon as I could perceive any political truth at all, that it was probably much happier to live in a small house, and have Warwick Castle to be astonished at, than to live in Warwick Castle and have nothing to be astonished at; but that, at all events, it would not make Brunswick Square in the least more pleasantly habitable, to pull Warwick Castle down.  And at this day, though I have kind invitations enough to visit America, I could not, even for a couple of months, live in a country so miserable as to possess no castles.

Warwick Castle

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