Tuesday, 26 August 2014


So, to the RAH for two Brahms symphonies - 3 and 4.  RAH looking extremely cool and groovy.  Circumstances allowed me three seats in which to splurge, right at the very top - final row before the gods.  Bang centre.  Symphony 3 delicate little thing.  gorgeous third movement (must admit to being a bit Classic FM about this).

Interval.  Strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

4th Symphony - I know this well.  Choc full of big tunes.  Top timpani.  Apparently Brahms felt it had been influenced by a) bad weather in (deep breath if you're trying to read this out loud for some reason) Murzzuschlag, in Austria, and b) the unsweet cherries of that very same place.

Anyway, the two pieces were played with what seemed to me a good deal of vim not to say gusto by the Budapest Festival Orchestra, conducted by their founder Ivan Fischer.

Lots of clapping.  Fischer was on and of and on and off... an encore.  Milling about.  Brahms' 'Evening Sereneade'.  SUNG BY THE ORCHESTRA!  I won't see anything like that again.  It was unspeakably lovely and I wept. Yep.

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