Wednesday, 23 July 2014

JUDGEMENT by Dawn Wood

after ‘Birches’ - Robert Frost
To Jeremy and Christine Auld

You must have seen him when he was a fixture
and no one asked what pin he swivelled on
and just accepted he was swinging, rooted

on the spire, but earth’s a better place
for love, so slicing through the annex roof

he bent to join the nave of the cathedral

and what a lovely copper stippled smile

he is with scalloped feathers, viewed up close.
The inner dome of heaven hadn’t fallen
and I would say the universe conspired

with the same pains you’d use to fill a cup

up to the brim and even above the brim

to see no one was killed or cut or wept

the smallest tear, unless the Truth breaks in –
co-incidence, my dear. And it is good

the insurance will cover the cost of scaffolding
to put him back where seagulls come and go
and play in batches, learning all there is

to learn about not launching out too soon.

Reproduced. with the permission of the author. from her new collection Ingathering, published by the ever-splendid Templar Poetry (ISBN 9781906285685).  I'll be reviewing the collection for Iota later in the year. 

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