Monday, 14 July 2014

England v India, 2nd Test

"The grass is matted, raggy, struggling to stay alive amidst the dirt and rubble. Flowing through the maidan are little canals, the surface is pock-marked with ditches, even what looks like small ravines and the whole area is filled with people from every walk of life. It is amidst such confusion and noise that Indians learn to play their cricket." 
Mihir Bose, from A Maidan View (1986)

They had no grandstand or marquee,
   Down by the Quarry Farm:
There was a wealth of leafy tree
   Behind the bowler's arm.

There were no scorecards to be had,
   Cushions for folk to hire;
Only we saw the butcher's lad
   Bowl out the village Squire.

Lord's and the Oval truly mean
   Zenith of hard-won fame,
But it was just a village green
   Mothered and made the game.

G.D. Martineau
'The Village Pitch'

Looking forward to next Saturday and my seat at Lord's - thunderstorms keep away!

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