Thursday, 26 June 2014


This is a film about friendship, which also happens to be, in passing, a love song to England. Filmed in the fashionable 'mockumentary' style, there is nothing otherwise remotely fashionable about it.  Four friends, each with a problem which is never solved, walk from coast to coast, as they had done thirty years before.  The absence of solution is partly the point: do you give up or do you keep buggering on, as Churchill put it.  The moral of the tale is that you need friends to help you do that.  This is a simple story of ordinary stoicism.  It is very funny and equally moving; both acting and script are true to the ideas it expresses. The result is one of those triumphs that will lodge, fondly and permanently, in the memory of all those who are touched by it, which really ought to be everyone who sees it.

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