Saturday, 29 March 2014

MUSEUM PIECES by Wendy Pratt

My review of Wendy Pratt's rather good first full collection of poems, Museum Pieces, is online now at Ink, Sweat and Tears.  I'll put the review up here in full in a month's time. I wrote about her pamphlet 'Nan Hardwicke' here. To be going on with, here is one of my favourite poems from Museum Pieces

Shoe Trap
In the dark I grope across the bedroom
floor, feel for the shape of the wall, the door
and half trip, half step over your work shoes.
Shoe trap. Your favourite trick, four
shoes, haphazardly strewn,
your habit. My habit is the stumble, the meeting
of floor and face, the standard bruise
to the knee. Your shoe trap has held me captive
for thirteen years, swearing in the dark on my way
to the bathroom. Your habits and mine; a dance,
a meeting of selves over and over. The day
after my sister loses her husband to cancer,
I trip on your shoes in the dark, holding their scrubby,
battered shape, I’ve never felt so blessed or lucky.

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