Sunday, 23 February 2014


Friday - relief and delight at emphatic Welsh victory over France. Jenkins and Warburton outstanding.  Was North's try easier than Cuthbert's against Italy?

Saturday - sitting down with great friends at the Orange Tree to drink Guinness and a cheeky Grenache and to watch last gasp Scotland v Italy and magnificently intense England v Ireland.  Mike Brown terrific. Tough and lithe and willing. Great match.  Should have been a draw, but an English win suits Wales.

Sunday - Wasps Colts v Finchley 18s.  North London boys (ha!) travel west to Acton and give hosts a thumping, 34-5, a certain C. Wheldon (Full Back) scoring two tries, the first of which Mike Brown himself would have been proud, though I'm pretty sure the scorer would rather the comparison was with 'Pence'.

Spurs lost.  Twas ever thus. Wales win Spurs lose. Spurs win, Wales lose. Still, if it has to be one or t'other, much better this way round.

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