Thursday, 6 February 2014


Have just received a fresh batch of my 2012 pamphlet, Tiny Disturbances. Cover by Molly Line. As no-one else is likely to do it I'm going to post some kind clippings from reviews.  If you find you are yearning for a copy, please contact me at

Tiny Disturbances has many good poems between its handsome covers”
Dannie Abse

“Wheldon’s poetry is warm, immediate, and immediately full of love”,
Nikolai Duffy, Sphinx

“[His] ability to avoid the mawkish and emphasize the meaningful is one of Wheldon’s great strengths”
Doug Van Gundy, Poetry Salzburg Review

“An agreeable collection by an accomplished poet”
Colin Will, Other Poetry

“I found I often had to stop reading, held up by something striking, a music that doesn’t announce itself, but is real.”
Chrys Salt

“I sat at the Blue Lagoon on Bristol's fashionable Gloucester Road and read the book cover to cover 3 times in 28 degree heat.”
Tony Lewis-Jones, Various Artists

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