Monday, 6 January 2014

BOOKS 2014

MUSEUM PIECES by Wendy Pratt (poetry)
SELECTED POEMS  by Robert Pinsky (poetry)
HOMBRE by Elmore Leonard (novel)
ASHENDEN by Somerset Maugham (novel)
RAYLAN by Elmore Leonard (novel)
SPEAK, OLD PARROT by Dannie Abse (poetry)
CORIOLANUS by William Shakespeare (play)
THIS AFTERNOON AND I by Sarah Roby (poetry)
ECLIPSE by Kim Lasky (poetry)
TWO TURTLE DOVES by Alex Monroe (autobiography) (reviewed by me here)
BEDSIT DISCO QUEEN by Tracey Thorn (autobiography)
OTHER PEOPLE'S COUNTRIES by Patrick McGuinness (autobiography)(reviewed by me here)
COMPLETION by Tim Walker (novel)
THE WATER STEALER by Maurice Riordan (poetry)
CAPITAL by John Lanchester (novel)
THE QUARRY by Iain Banks (novel)
THE PEDANT IN THE KITCHEN by Julian Barnes (cookery)
HARD TIMES by Charles Dickens (novel)
NEW SELECTED POEMS by P.J. Kavanagh (poetry) Reviewed by me here
TOY TOWN TELLY & STONE AGE FILMING by Forbes Taylor (autobiography)
THE EMBASSY OF CAMBODIA by Zadie Smith (short story)
BOLAN by Mark Paytress (biography)
BLOOMSBURY AND THE POETS by Nicholas Murray (reviewed by me here)
UP TO MAMETZ by Llewelyn Wyn Griffith
TO SING AWAY THE DARKEST DAYS by Norbert Hirschhorn (reviewed by me in Lunar Poetry 1)
AN OFFICER AND A SPY by Robert Harris
INGATHERING by Dawn Wood (reviewed by me in Iota)
THE DOG by Joseph O'Neill (reviewed by me here)
THE GUTS by Roddy Doyle
THE ZONE OF INTEREST by Martin Amis (reviewed by me here)
STONER by John Williams
FOOTSTEPS by Tim Kiely (reviewed by me in Lunar Poetry 4)
J by Howard Jacobson
PERSONAL by Lee Child
UNCHOSEN by Julie Burchill
LISTS OF NOTE ed. Shaun Usher (reviewed by me here)
AMNESIA by Peter Carey (reviewed by me here)
DRAWN ON WATER by Mel Pryor (review in Lunar Poetry)
WATERLOO by Bernard Cornwall
THE BLACK ECHO by Michael Connolly
FUNNY GIRL by Nick Hornby
SUSPECT by Robert Crais

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