Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall

OK, so the voice has gone - it went an age ago.  Last time I saw him, at Brixton, it was too loud and Dylan spent the entire set behind a stand up piano at the back of the stage.  At least this time his piano was stage front and for some of the numbers he stood at the microphone.  He has a new wide legged stance that suggests too much horse riding or perhaps a nappy,  He moves his weight from leg to leg.  He has always had this physical quality, something fascinating in the way he moves.  It is even there in Pat Garrett.

The songs: the new ones sound much better than the old.  For a start they don't disappoint, being pretty faithful to the studio recordings.  Having said that, the stand out song, 'Forgetful Heart' was punctuated by some absolutely immaculate harmonica, which the song doesn't have on the album ('Together Through Life').  And of course the new songs have been written for the broken voice..  The band - petty much as always - was as tight as a button, and had no problem with the stylistically eclectic nature of the set.  And Bob was Bob.  I hated Brixton - swore never to go again.  Loved this.

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