Wednesday, 9 October 2013


It isn't about godfathers or the falsely imprisoned or a newspaper magnate, and it isn't set in a galaxy far far away or on an ill-fated ocean liner or during a revolution.  It's about two squaddies returning to Edinburgh from Afghanistan and the viccissitudes of their subsequent love lives.  So before you decide to give it a miss on account of its being a "jukebox musical", just have a think about the last few movies you've seen.  Nobody here is having a nervous breakdown or driving cars at 180 miles per hour or disappearing down a lavatory bowl.  These are plum 'ordinary' people brought to life by a decent script, great songs, a beautifully shot location and terrific acting (especially from Peter Mullen and Jane Horrocks, who provide the ballast that keeps the movie attached to the ground),  It is sentimental and uplifting and, well, joyful. At the same time I defy anyone to show me a more magical and moving couple of minutes of cinema this year than those taken up by Jane Horrocks singing the title song.  Just heartbreakingly lovely.  If you go and see it and don't like it, then you're either too clever or too dim or just jolly sad. The director is Dexter Fletcher, who although apparently 68 years old, still looks like he is 14.  His first film, 'Wild Bill' is also very well worth a watch.  He's a heart warmer is what he is...

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