Saturday, 19 October 2013


To Frieze.  AS usual the contemporary stuff left me fairly cold - it always seems so desperately in search of the novel.  There is also a degree of sensory overload that makes it difficult to see things in isolation.  What is disappointing is that there isn't much funny stuff - quite often funny stuff is not supposed to be funny, it is supposed to be terrifically earnest.  Earnestness can, of course, be very funny.  But not much of that in evidence, although I did smile at four girls covered in what looked like a large principal's gown or perhaps a principal's large gown. Frieze Projects certainly worth a look.  Battleships thing was easily my favourite bit of art in this tent.

Frieze Masters was an altogether different thing.  As my niece said on entering, "Ah, this is the grown-up art".  Wonderfully eclectic bunch of stuff.  I didn't bother looking at the artists' names or the titles of the pictures, but simply enjoyed the images.  Some things are fairly obvious: Picasso is recognizable, but there were a couple of very early Lucien Freuds, one a boat on a beach that i particularly liked.  Anyway, here are three items, photographed randomly.

Photo - no details - sorry.

Early Chalcolithic basalt anthropomorphic altar
early 4th millennium BC

Michele da Verona (workshop)
Aeneas in Hades, escorted by Mercury c. 1500

Food and drink and general chill-out area, run by Rochelle Canteen, was, as usual, superb.

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