Friday, 9 August 2013

Reading & Leeds 2013 Part One

OK, so the other day I got my first Reading email as TM (that's what we muso types call a Tour Manager - at least that what my son tells me).  Put me in quite a fluster, not least because there was an Excel form I had to fill in, and Excel forms invariably prove difficult.  I think you have to understand logarithms or something.  Anyway, I apologised for not responding and then got another email from someone else asking for something called a channel list.  He also wanted a stage plan.  That's OK, because I know that a stage plan is Where the Boys Stand (it helps of course if you're a TM, like me - this is highly technical stuff). After having mastered the Excel problem i then read through the Festival Documents, which I had been instructed to do online.  Reams of the stuff.  Health and safety included a lot of words, but that was nothing on parking procedures.  Some of these were in red, some in bold type, the font sizes varied - this was the really important gubbins.  Left me exhausted, i can tell you. Nonetheless, I had enough lead left in my pencil to write off another email asking for the difference between guest car parking and artist car parking and so on and so forth.  And received another email referring me back to the person who sent the first email, which was fine because I think I would like her if I met her.  The long tall and the short of it is that today I received, special delivery, signed for, my pack of passes and tickets and things to stick on the car window, and it is tremendously exciting suddenly, and I'm fairly sure I'll bump into Mr Eminem backstage at some point, and I shall treasure my sticky pass for ever afterwards.  And I'm still only 55.

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