Monday, 19 August 2013

Reading & Leeds 2013: Episode Two

What a fool I was to think that the sticky passes and guest list tickets would be relatively straightforward to assign.  Not a bit of it.  All sorts of drama has been involved which I fear I cannot go into in any details, for there are sensibilities to be recognized not to mention sensitivities.  I've no idea how many cars are going to Reading or who is going with whom when.  All I know is that I'm the Gear Man (my TM duties have been slowly removed from me by various parties - sensibilities, sensitivities etc)

Our poor drummer has been de-handed.  Someone shut his fingers in a door and the ligaments are to hell.  He is out of the gig.  It may very well have been his last, too, as he commences university very soon (classics, natch).  This is all the more galling as it has been his band in the sense of its having begun in his basement, and in the sense of his knowing a thing or two technically.  And in the sense of being an exceptionally good drummer.

So a new drummer has had to be found, and has been found.  He's a minor celebrity, and the leader of another much more well-known band.  It is all being kept quite quiet..  First rehearsal was today.  It went well, I hear.  They really have to perform at Reading.  Their live act is fairly staid.  They don't look angry or messed up in love or fuck-you mean.  They are all pretty content, decent and kind.

Big question of the moment: can I get the band, all the guitars and the lead box into the Prius for the trip to Leeds?

At least the weather forecast is good.

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