Friday, 19 April 2013

Tiny Disturbances - Three Reviews

The excellent Sphinx, an online 'Chapbook poetry review', offers a reviews service for pamphlets.  
 "Each publication is appraised by three reviewers (who don't talk to each other and usually don't know each other). All three provide a written review, which is amalgamated into one document." 
Well, they've done it now for my own 'Tiny Disturbances', and although they are not falling over themselves to proclaim it a new Lyrical Ballads or Prufrock, they seem reasonable enough. The last one is the best (from my point of view, that is), although rather hard on the production.

I do have one or two comments.  Niall Campbell is one of a very small number of people who have read more than one collection of poems that begin with "a sonnet for mother's day, a found poem and a poem for a barmitzvah".  Apparently such a trilogy is "not usually a good sign".  Lordy. Shall try to avoid that next time round.

The two words that recur in all three reviews are 'tender' and 'sentimental', and I'll live with them. I am a tad sentimental at times.  I do try to keep the mush out, but the line between properly caught emotion and, as it were, poorly recalled feeling, is sometimes hard to reckon.

By and large I'm happy with what these reviewers write, although not for the first time the poem picked out is 'Reply' - more or less (more, actually) written by my father, demonstrating that he was a dab hand at poetry, as well as just about everything else.

Anyway, in the unlikely event of your wanting to read said reviews, they are to be found here.

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