Monday, 28 January 2013


I'm strapped for a start. So: among those the producers would like to thank are the Camden Physiotherapy Centre and Mohammed Khaleed at Fitness First.  Yep.  This was a thoroughly, wonderfully, physical occasion, the utter opposite of our plasma-screened world of virtual this that and the other.  There was nothing virtual here, all was actual, visceral, corporal.  Was it dance or circus or rave or theatre? Were these acrobats or athletes or actors?

And yet there was something vicarious here too, for these performers were acting at the very edge of possible energy, for our benefit, and it took us closer to that edge, too, to living at the fullness of one's potential. A kind of illusion therefore, but one that no film or TV show can ever hope to match.  I'm not sure there was any meaning to be derived from any of it.  The recurring man running into people, tables, walls, against wind and rain, put me in mind somehow of Beckett - it had the same kind of comedy - but this was all triumph.  This is a show elemental and clever, animal and professional, and most of all a joy.  Even being shoved around by the staff - and shoving was what it was - no polite being asked to move - became a part of a communal pleasure.  Utterly brilliant.

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