Saturday, 22 December 2012

A review of 'Tiny Disturbances'

So here is the first published review, by Colin Will, of my pamphlet 'Tiny Disturbances'.  It appears in the Summer issue of Other Poetry, a mag well worth keeping an eye out for.

This is an agreeable collection by an accomplished poet.  Family histories, memories and desires are among the subjects covered in 27 poems.  The poems are accessible and the tone is generally positive.  I particularly like 'Reply: A Found Poem', which the author says is adapted from a letter from his father to his mother.  There are some pleasing non sequiturs and accidents of syntax which make it very fresh.  I like the ending:

and as usual, it implies the world
not to mention what the hell to do
about the lupins, and eternity.

Even in my own book of poems, the best thing in it was written by Dad.

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