Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wales 10 All Blacks 33

This is not a whinge, because NZ were quite obviously the better team.  However, having watched the TV coverage on return from Cardiff, it is obvious that the crowd was right: the ref was a kiwi.  Quite apart from Joubert's inability to identify different Welsh players, NZ should have been playing with 14 men from the first minute.  It is a shame that this thuggery is so often a part of the AB game because they don't need to cheat.

Anyway, who cares - it was a great occasion.  Wales looked like a proper rugby team again, they scored one of the most memorable tries in the history of rugby, and Priestland has surely played his last game. I hadn't at all been looking forward to seven hours of driving in the incessant, merciless rain, believing we were going to be thrashed.  It was definitely not a thrashing, and indeed I believe NZ were a little flattered by the score.  We have a good shout against Australia.  Congrats to Tonga!

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