Tuesday, 24 July 2012

At the Oval

It has long been my opinion that the Upper Tier of the Mound Stand at Lords, on a perfect English summer's day, watching England play Australia, is as close as it is possible for mortal man to get to paradise.

Yesterday at the Oval, watching South Africa kill England with dreadful slow certainty, wasn't far off.  We were in the shaded Bedser stand and saw Ian Bell play a staunch and steadfast innings of 52.  When he went we knew the game was up.  But the real pleasure was sitting with old friends quaffing cold beer in front of the verdant sward, beneath an azure sky.  I'm afraid such adjectives are unavoidable.  It really was like that.  There was something timeless - newsreely -  about watching Morkel and Steyn pounding aggressively in, Steyn especially.  Utter bliss and many thanks to MDF for organising.

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