Friday, 4 May 2012


A rather nice picture of my father that I haven't seen before.

There appears to be a dedicated page to Monitor, here. Rather infuriatingly there are only a couple of clips, although there are many such available on other parts of the BBC site, such as Larkin meets Betjeman. 


  1. I hadn't seen the Larkin interview before - is there more of it? One is struck (to borrow his construction) by how confident he seems. especially in contrast to Mr B. Makes him seem bumpkin-esque, and old-fashioned compared to the worldly Larkin. Maybe Philip wasn't so shy and retiring, but actually self-confident in person. Just shy and retiring in his head.
    And cigarettes. Of course - I suppose I'd always imagined a pipe.

  2. That's a beautiful picture. Huw just as I remember him--handsome, dashing, more fun than anyone in the world, except maybe Jay.

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