Friday, 27 April 2012

Wynn Powell Wheldon

I knew my grandfather ('Taid') had been involved in the League of Nations in some capacity, and while googling I came upon this rather lovely notice from the magazine Welsh Outlook, for April 1933.  I'd love to be described as being "a balanced and genial personality" ,"neither bureaucratic or academic" and having "broad sympathies and varied interests".  Best of all would be to be known for my "unfailing courtesy".  Some chance.

THE retirement of Sir Percy Watkins from
the post of Permanent Secretary to the
Welsh Department of the Board of
Education and the appointment of Mr. Wynn
Wheldon in his place serve to remind us of how
much we owe to our own great public servants.
These two men have won the confidence and
respect of all who know them, and the nation is
satisfied that in whatever positions they are placed
they will fill them with ability, with wisdom, and
with unfailing courtesy. Neither of them is
bureaucratic or academic in the sense in which
these terms are used as epithets. Both are men
of broad sympathies and varied interests, and
their devotion to Wales is plain for all to see.
Mr. Wheldon's ancestry, his training and experi-
ence of law and administration, his work for Col-
lege, for County Council, and for League of
Nations, all emanating from and fused in a bal-
anced and genial personality, marked him out for
the high office to which he is now called. The
absence of surprise at the President's choice is the
best testimony to its rightness.

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