Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Poem and Two Pictures by J.A. Hoare

Binton's banger coming up the hill,
drop by for some grog and a refill.
How are you young boys?  I'll give you some charm
because you have got the U.S. dollars for my wife's cool arms,
fresh vegetables and an outhouse too.
Your properties are worth money to you -
children are what you have,
all fourteen, and they live in your pad.
One's learnt to limbo and play in a band
another drives the reggae bus in jitney land,
so they are all happy and live in peace.
But take care you don't trespass or teaf
or Binton's twelve bore will scrape your cheek,
if you are a rasta-boy he won't be weak.
If you are in trouble you know who to seek.
Just call me your uncle Binnie.

My friend Pom sent me this from the West Indies, a lifetime ago.  I've always loved it (I think of it always as 'Binton's Banger', but 'The Landlord' is a much more accurate title). Nary a cliche to be seen, and reekin' of trut'.  Pom's a pretty good artist, too.

Two flying fish drawn by Pom.  They are in the Moghissi-Pajunen Collection, and the reproduction is used with permission (thanks Sirps).  And, below, from the collection of Mr Thomas Cash, Bananas.

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  1. Wynn, That looks great thank you for thinking of me, looking forward to a rosie future, Pom x