Monday, 2 April 2012

The Hunger Games

Terrific film.  Takes you right at the start and pretty much doesn't let you go until the end.  Adaptations from books often have longeurs which work well with the individual reader but simply make movies look flabby.  No flab on this.

The whole thing is extremely familiar - futuristic totalitarian state, all gleaming right angles and weird modernist hair-do's, feisty rebels in the forest - but done here with panache and the oddly powerful presence of Jennifer Lawrence, who has the same range of expression as Gary Cooper, and is equally mysteriously watchable.

Think Rollerball meets Lord of the Flies, add a soupcon of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and a hint of Brazil, powder it all with Robin Hood and there you have it.

This perhaps makes it sound more lightweight than it is; this is intense and pretty damn dark.  Looking forward to part two.

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