Thursday, 12 April 2012

Casablanca at the Scala

OK, so this is not the band formerly known as Lo Fi Culture Scene, nor is the singer Avril Lavigne as I had mistakenly thought for several months.  Rather, this is the Asteroids Galaxy Tour from Denmark, who headlined The Scala at Kings X on Tuesday night.  They were preceded by a couple of bands, the first a proficient Franz Ferdinandy sort of outfit called Foreign Office (the lead singer had a good voice with a touch of the David Byrnes about him with his specs and grey school shirt), the second Casablanca (the band formerly known as etc). The stupendous Crouch End five-piece played a set of seven numbers, two of which were songs hitherto unperformed. The first of these - could have been called 'Take My Hand' - was a real banger, as i think the young people like to say (meaning "cracker" in old language). I wasn't sure about the second although I was assured by all that it was the highpoint of the set and a classic in the making and so on and so forth.  The set-list ran as follows: Natalie, Matter of Time, Waste of Time, Take My Hand, Need to Know, Dodgy New Song,Yes.  A fairly good house (five hundred or so?) obviously enjoyed the gig.  The band only need to overcome their shyness (they celebrate six years together in May, and they've played over 60 dates - you would have thought they'd be comfortable by now) and do a bit of projecting, and a mighty show will be on the road.

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