Sunday, 12 February 2012


I won't pretend I wasn't cock-a-hoop when the Italians scored their second try against England in Rome yesterday, or that my heart didn't sink as the ice-cool young Mr Farrell kicked England to victory, but I do feel that England deserve some credit for having won two away matches.  That these victories were winkled out against opposition that was not obviously inferior is even further to their credit.  It is certainly the case that the fixture list has worked very nicely for them, in playing the two weakest teams in the competition in their first two matches, away, and face their toughest opposition at HQ. Whether this gives them false hope (they are not that good) or useful confidence (they can certainly improve) remains to be seen.  There is little to warm to at the moment; it is hard to determine the team's character.  Owen Farrell, perhaps, is the man making his name.  He is intelligent, brave and talented.  An obvious star.  Is there a case for him at fly half?  I think so.

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