Friday, 24 February 2012


Mr Giles O'Bryen's Mother's Pullover Pie:

Ingredients (serves four):

Four portions of potatoes
Four eggs
White sauce (aka bechamel sauce)
Two tins of chopped tomatoes
Hard cheese


Boil your potatoes until they take a bluntish knife quite easily but remain
firm, and certainly not until they start to collapse as they still have a
bit of cooking to do. Hard boil your eggs. While these boilings proceed,
make your white sauce out of butter, flour and milk (I can't tell you how to
do this because I always make a right mess of it). Add the tomatoes and stir
in well. Cut the eggs into halves. Now put everything into a casserole dish,
mix gently, and pop in the oven for fifteen minutes or whatever. Top with
grated cheese and brown under the grill. Serve with a pot of tea.


This is comfort food for a weekday evening in winter. The recipe is my
mother's and it is so named because I had a pullover that exactly matched
the flecked orangey colour of the completed dish.

© Giles O'Bryen, 2012

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