Friday, 13 January 2012

Tottenham Hotspur

OK, a little indulgent autobiography.  I have always supported Spurs.  This was because when I was a kid Jimmy Greaves was king.  This in itself perhaps was not enough to justify my fanaticism; it was when i learned that he had been an apprentice butcher in Dagenham that passion replaced mere hero-worship.  When it came to joys of the flesh, there was nothing this seven year old liked more than watching the local butcher treating meat on his slab.  It was like watching a Seamus Heaney poem, all gut and flub and bone and rib and rump.

Where was I?  Oh yes - so my first Spurs team was that of Greaves and Gilzean, England and Kinnear and Jennings, and a little later Chivers, who I always thought would look more at home on a cavalry charger.  I remember getting my Shoot! card (or was it bubblegum?) for little Stevie Perryman.  My favourite player of those years (Bill Nicholson years) was Alan Mullery, a tank of player who could run for ever.  I liked the shape of his nose.

then came Keith Burkenshaw and Ossie and Ville and the Divine Hoddle.  He's not much cop as a pundit and as England manager he should have known not leave Gazza out of his team, given how often he himself was cold shouldered as an international.  The fact is, had he been French Platini probably would never have got a cap.  The England team should have been built around him.

And now this team!  So the Tottenham Team of My Time (1958-2012): Jennings, Kinnear, England, King, Knowles, Bale, Hoddle, Gascoigne, Jones, Greaves, Lineker

No Mackay!  No Modric!  No Klinsman!  No Campbell! No Ossie!  No MULLERY!!!!

Danny Blanchflower was just too early for me.

Three Welshman!

Glory Days...

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  1. This piece was manna from heaven. That team was my dreamteam, though i saw them play at White Hart Lane only once - we were taken by Mike Peacock for Caspar's birthday treat, the only game i ever saw there. Chivers scored twice against Stoke in an otherwise dull game. But i was behind the goal at Wembley for the Ricky Villa Man City replay. Oh my...

    That letter of Huw's - are there more? I put a link to it on Twitter, and a good few people showed strong interest.

    love from A SPURS FAN, a.k.a. Matthew x