Friday, 20 January 2012

Plus ca change

Salman Rushdie under threat again (why isn't this on the BBC? - it is now, here.)
'Jesus & Mo' satirical cartoons deemed offensive at college (UCL) founded in part to counter religious intolerance...
Ho hum.

Note to God: Now he knows you exist, can you give us back Christopher Hitchens please.

Here's a blog by a young man of whom the Hitch would have been proud.


  1. It's a good thing for you that there is no god to give Christopher Hitchens back. He disliked being called "the Hitch" by complete strangers, and loathed being name-checked by people keen to recruit him to their feeble causes.

    1. Er, well, given that he is dead he won't mind being called 'The Hitch' by a complete stranger, will he? Mind you, if he was wrong, and he is looking up or down at us, he'd probably say that he loathed being spoken for by people who sign themselves 'Anonymous'. But that's just a guess. Not sure what the feeble cause is. Please enlighten.