Wednesday, 16 November 2011


This is an incredible story. A Chinese government Ministry wants to award Putin a 'Confucius Peace Prize' for his treatment of the Chechens and his opposition to the NATO action in Libya. Those in a higher Ministry yet don't want to. Last year the prize was awarded to someone from Taiwan who was never made aware that he had won and an unknown girl accepted it in his stead.

Dissident and recipient - to communist fury - of the Nobel Peace Prize (which of course he was not allowed to collect) LIU XIABO remains in prison.

Personally I think the former KGB man and the current communist regime in China deserve one another and should be encouraged to award each prizes every year. Or perhaps they could combine and award the Occupyers a Mao-Stalin Prize for Direct Action.

Altogther very reminiscent of old communist practice. i thought China was supposed to be the 'coming' nation.

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