Monday, 10 October 2011

Glenkindie Arms Hotel

The Glenkindie Arms Hotel in the Cairngorms was where spouse and I spent a memorable weekend at the the end of August. A great restaurant and a hopeless hotel, into which we were (accidentally) locked one night by the chef-proprietor, Ian Simpson, while he laid on a banquet for 200 a few miles up the road (to which we had been invited). And now this:

- which does not surprise us at all. The hotel required proper investment, which it never received. I had been given to understand that we were the last paying guests. Ridiculously expensive, it was money well spent, if just for the anecdotes it produced, but I can quite easily imagine subsequent guests refusing to pay a penny for the broken saniflow, the Primark bedspreads, the Victorian heating system, the broken stair-rail, the unopening windows, the flaking paintwork, etc etc...

Ian Simpson is a terrific chef. Should you come upon an establishment owned or leased by him, certainly eat there, but...

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