Friday, 30 September 2011

The Quizlamic Fundamentalists at the Q Trust Quiz

Cannily, our leader Mrs O'Bryen played an early joker (round one, in which we doubled our 8 points to 16 - though I was personally disappointed that my Round Britain Quiz - a winning answer - was dismissed so cavalierly). This kept us among the leaders from the start. Storming rounds followed on maths and the moon, Messrs Kean and Tennant revealing hitherto unknown strengths. We scored fairly well on a dubiously entitled 'Culture Vulture' round, which included questions on Downton Abbey and various other TV programmes (more pigeon than vulture, methinks), and romped to 10/10 on straplines and catchphrases. Following the break we began to falter, dropping no less than five points on the final music round (which included no classical whatsoever). We finished fourth, three points behind the winning team - The Week.

This is always a terrific occasion, and this time no less than others. Our spread was particualrly impressive, with a wide range of pork pies on offer. Unlikely, but true. The other spread - of knowledge - was equally wide. Best of all though was the company: cheerful, beautiful (well 50% of us anyway), generous and friendly. A great team. Thanks to Emma for having paid for the table and inviting us.

The Q Trust quiz is in aid of muscular dystrophy. The trust was set up by Mark Reynolds in honour of his friend Quentin Crewe. More information here.

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