Wednesday, 15 June 2011


…beck’s novel Cannery…
Ms Ozick in her dandelion-yellow Piper Cherokee
The Baskerville Q in all its glory
And so at (of course) Baker Street (though this is not a story):
‘ere mate, which way’s London?
Summons the guard, who’s from Sunderland
By way of Tehran.

Disparities spice each hour in the city
Data hangs like fruit on vines of electricity
Hear the bells tolling for memory while
Sodcasting* girls on the back seat smile.

I purchase an old fashioned lolly pop
And simply keep strolling.

Wynn Wheldon

*Verb - The act of playing music through the speaker on a mobile phone, usually on public transport. Commonly practiced by young people wearing polyester, branded sportswear with dubious musical taste. (source: the Urban Dictionary)

Written very quickly. Perhaps even hastily. All comments of whatever stripe most welcome.

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