Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hamlet without the Prince

England scraped a win against Scotland with a forward pass against 14 men. They didn't look like world beaters. Perhaps they have been missing this chap.


  1. Three words: snowball chance and hell. Though, of course, I love the Prince as you know and have been watching all the Rebels' outings so far. He certainly bided his time for this outrageous dummy and break, spending most of the first two matches kicking or passing. Later in the game he threw a terrible pass in midfield, then rushed back to clear up, nearly did, then promptly threw another wild one which trickled to the posts for an attacker to flop over from a yard. Oh Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy, I love you so!

    It wasn't forward, by the way, as even Andy Nicholl graciously pointed out - momentum is in the law if the pass is aimed backwards. Great committment by the Scots. England had loads of near misses, but loads of errors too. Man of the Match was undoubtedly the growling, fist-slamming, terminally pissed off and hard done by Andy Robinson in the stands.

    Are you posting on the line out throw in from yesterday at some point perchance?

    See you Saturday.

  2. I only mentioned the forward pass in ordeer to get a rise, obviously, and because I was fed up with all the "very controversial" bollocks about the Wales game. Wales were - by quite a margin - the better side - and ought to have won more handsomely. BOD should not have been moaning about the ref, but about his own team's dire performance.