Friday, 18 February 2011

The Return of Superficial Emotion

This is a spot where I shall confess to instances of inappropriate weeping. I start, as so often before, with Masterchef, the first episode of which I have just watched on iPlayer. I wept more or less from the start.

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  1. Do you know this poem? it's by Christopher Reid from his recent collection about his wife's death, A Scattering:

    A Reasonable Thing to Ask

    Please explain tears.
    They must have some purpose
    that a Darwin or a Freud
    would have understood.

    Widowed, a man hears
    music off the radio –
    Handel – Cole Porter –
    that sharply recalls her,
    and they swamp up again.

    A faculty that interferes
    with seeing and speaking
    and leaves him feeling weaker:
    what does he gain by it?

    What do we gain by it –
    blind to the tiger’s leap,
    voiceless under the avalanche?
    Somebody must know.