Thursday, 23 December 2010

Of Gods and Men

There will be guff written about French colonialism, Islam and corrupt North African governments, but this is a simple story about faith. And a particular faith, at that, a Christian faith based on love: "Love is eternal hope". This is the love of caritas, charity, the love for others, having little to do with desire. The nine Monks who are the heroes of this story all find that selflessness that faith allows challenged by the circumstances in which they find themselves. It is their triumph that they resist the challenge, and it is their tragedy, too. This is a deeply Christian film but without the hint of any proselytizing. There is no preaching, all is drama. It is also beautifully told, a joy to look at. It is very good to see a film in which stillness is considered a theatrical device. It will probably be gone from the screens soon, which is a shame, but catch it if you can.

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