Thursday, 16 September 2010

OXO Tower Tea

I'm not a great one for complaining, but quite honestly our tea at the Oxo Tower Brasserie on my wife's 50th birthday was woeful. This was due chiefly to the service. It was cursory and charmless. The waitresses were thrown into confusion by the suggestion that their tea was a tad pishy and were deeply reluctant to furnish more than one extra tea bag without charging... Just what you'd expect of Harvey Nichols I suppose (Harvey Nicks runs it). I can't imagine that being a source of debate at my local greasy spoon (then again the last thing I would complain about there is the pishiness of the tea). However, to make up for it all we had wonderful views on a delicious September day, London looking pale and interesting, and clean (unlike Rome - which, according to my son, who was there earlier this year, is filthy and full of beggars. One might almost say like the Third World, and just the place for a Christian to get down to things).

PS We have received a full apology and refund from OXO, which is very handsome and a good deal better than most places would offer, so well done to them.

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