Friday, 24 September 2010

Moral Leadership

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: "let us remember, the world still looks to the United Nations for moral and political leadership." Does it? The UN is going to have to put its morals where its mouth is and stop giving platforms to hate-filled lunatics like Ahmadinejad if it wishes to persuade me of any degree of moral leadership. And to stop spending public money on this kind of thing: "Cuba expressed concerns about racial hatred crimes, the dissemination of racist propaganda, religious intolerance, the reluctance to prosecute cases of discrimination against minorities, and the excessive use of force against migrants. It was also concerned about discrimination against Sami and Roma children and about the situation of people with disabilities." Now what state do you think that paragon of human rights, Cuba, was criticizing? Yep, quite right - Sweden. Money well spent. How does one take this kind of organisation seriously? WHY should one? Because there's nothing else? It defeats me why the USA continues to pay the bills for this unelected parliament of fools. Moral leadership? In a pig's arse, friend.

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