Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Great Khan's Is Dead

I am aware that to bridle at various Islamic ways is considered extremely non-U these days, but the news that all the meat served at Wembley and Twickenham is halal - presumably because it is cheaper - reminds me of a shocking development I was told of the other day. In the late 1970s THE place for an Indian was Khan's in Westbourne Grove. It was not that it was posh, it was because it was somehow familiar, worldly, with its big windows and its high ceilings, its lack of flock wall paper and its white table cloths. It was busy and loud. I passed Khan's the other day. Those big windows now had plastered over them "Halal meat only served here", and, reporting this to a friend, I learned that you can no longer have a drink at there. This is preposterous, backward, and very much to be regretted. The Puritans are at the gate! The Great Khan is Dead! Time to bring out the maypoles, kites and flutes.

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