Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Like almost everyone else I thought David Milliband was a shoo-in. I have never heard Teddy speak, so, apart from his marble-like eyes and his appalling youthfulness I have no very clear impression of him. David seems personable and obviously intelligent. Their father Ralph was a communist, something I would certainly not be proud of (my mother was one for a little while in her youth, but then grew up and became socially responsible). However, I'm a rather old fashioned liberal democrat (lower case, please), so what do I know? What I would say is that Ed ought to be careful about distancing himself from Blair because I think Tony Blair is a good deal more popular, still, than most Labour activists imagine. The Labour Party, as with the Liberals, often is prepared to sacrifice action for gesture, doing for ideology. Political compromise often requires shameless hypocrisy. Politics is the art of the possible, as the old Tory Rab Butler did so wisely say. I think we should all give Ted a chance. Those young shoulders may be carrying a wise head. I hope so, because an ineffective opposition does not make for good government.

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