Thursday, 19 August 2010


Mmm, well. not so much confusing, I thought, as confused. Still, quite enjoyable. Ariadne leads Leo through the dreamy labyrinth (though we never see these mazes other than in model form), he confronts the minotaur that is his own guilt (in the form of his dead wife) and returns home to his children (there is a dead father, but it isn't his, and Ariadne isn't abandoned on an Aegean island). There's a rather corny ending.

It is clear from the first that this is going to be a story about coming home, so actually, rather than Theseus, the real hero evoked is Odysseus, and Mal (the wife) is a sort of siren. (The name Mal in Hebrew means 'messenger of God' but in French means 'bad'. Clever ambiguity, eh? And 'Cobb' probably means something like 'home'.) Or perhaps a lotus eater. Can't quite remember. Ms Cotillard is certainly not cycloptic.

It seems to me that Christopher Nolan, the writer and director, has thrown together a cocktail of basic plots (quest, rebirth, voyage, killing the monster etc) hoping something coherent would come out at the end. Well, it is coherent in terms of plot, but I think its focus is fuzzy and it is curiously uninvolving. It isn't really much of a story. For that see TS3, still undoubtedly the film of the year for me.

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