Friday, 13 August 2010

Hope and Glory

Another snippet from the Great Book Cull:
"Much of life consists in the gradual taming of the grandiloquent hopes and fantasies of infancy." Ernest Jones, Free Associations

This is horribly true, although some of us are less good at taming than others, and remain somewhat infantile. I still harbour hopes (albethey faint) for some kind of glory. Vanitas, vanitatis...


  1. Adam K: A clergyman might interpret that last juxtaposition of glory and vanitas, as a belief on your part that the only true glory comes from a blessed release from the emptiness earthly life, in heaven.
    Not what you intended though, I would hazard. Or is it? I think we should be told.

  2. Heavens, Mr K! I shall have to apply to my only clerical contact, a clergywoman no less, and see what she makes of it. I think I was merely trying to express some self-disdain. On Sunday I walked up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, and at the top of that, in the cloudless blue empyrean, such thoughts are blown away and it is enough simply to be alive. MORE WALKING!