Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Edinburgh Festival

Spent a weekend at the Festival, very convivially put up by my friends the Grahams, who have taken a flat there for the whole of August. Both days were spankingly blue and delightful. We did eight things. On saturday we 1) ate at La Garrule 2) saw Dan Topolski, 3) saw Andrew Lawrence, 4) saw Barbershopera in Apocalypse NO!. On Sunday we 1) ascended Arthur's Seat, 2) saw 'The Retreat' by Jenni Herzberg, 3) saw Little Feat and 4) Alan Cumming.

Of all these things the ascent of Arthur's Seat will, I am certain, prove the most memorable. Least enjoyable (but not unenjoyable) was Alan Cumming, who was a little bit too slick for my taste.

Little Feat were terrific.

Jenni's play means she is going to get better; by which I mean it is blindingly obvious that she knows what she is about. I don't think her play needed a gun in it. It was strong enough without.

I laughed like a drain through Barbershopera.

At La Garrule I had something braised which was delicious.

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