Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Larkin and the Women

My friend Mr Adam Kean brought the article linked here to my attention. It mentions, albeit by way of a bit of Alan Bennett snidery, 'Monitor'; and of course Kingsley Amis crops up, as does Andrew Motion. I knew Amis a bit and liked him: "come and look after me Wynn", he once called up the staircase of the Garrick, and I met Motion when he came to speak to my Biography MA course. And let us not forget that my great friend Dr Moghissi hails from Hull. So I feel within touching distance of Larkin - but then, of course, that is the thing about Larkin. Anyone who is moved by his poetry feels within touching distance.

This is a good piece, accepting that it is not literary-critical; indeed it exemplifies the broadness of Larkin's appeal. It made me weepy (at that univied cemetery) and it made me laugh (out loud, with Mr Motion).

Thanks Ad, and thank you Rachel Cooke.

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