Monday, 12 July 2010

Howard Webb and the Dutch

The Dutch whining - Robben!!!! - left a rather sour taste. They would have been undeserving winners had they snatched a last minute goal or won on penalties and they have proven to be poor losers. This is a shame. I had started the game marginally wishing for a Dutch victory (Neeskens was one of my favourite players ever). By half time, as everyone knows, Holland should have been down to ten men. Howard Webb, having let De Jong get away with it, for the sake of the game, one supposes, thereby gave Holland licence to hack at Iniesta and co for the next hour and a half. Is it cynicism on my part or on Holland's when I suggest that they knew that Mr Webb would not be in a position to send off every Dutchman who deserved to be sent packing? How many goals would Spain have won by if De Jong had been sent off? I think Webb did Holland a favour.


  1. Lynn, and how about Iniesta kicking Van Bommel outside of Webb's vision, and Puyol for taking down Robben. By the way, Heitinga's first card was a very marginal tackle and his second card was great theatre by Iniesta. Howard Webb messed up big time as was predicted. Still, it was no excuse for The Netherlands to loose the game...

  2. Do you think a different referee would have changed the result? or the Dutch tactics? i think not. It was a horrible game, made so not by Howard Webb but by the players, and chiefly the Dutch players. That's a neutral's opinion.