Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Weeping

I have, with various associates, been recording instances of profoundly inappropriate weeping at movies as the sentimentality of old age has begun to kick in. Actually, that's rubbish - I have always had buttons that can be pressed with instant results. Usually, it is bravery, courage, fortitude, cussedness that gets me going, but yesterday, still exhausted from my sleepless election night, I watched Hannah Montana - the Movie, and wept from start to finish. To be honest not quite to the finish. I couldn't stomach the end and felt a little deprived. But feisty grandmothers and the bad going good, plus the fact that I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, made for an uber weep-fest (as i think the modern idiom goes). And it was so darn INNOCENT!

I AM NOT ALONE! Mark kermode on Hannah Montana, here.


  1. How serendipitous that you should post this less than an hour or so after a recent outpouring of my own.
    It goes without saying that the odious Britain's Got Talent gets me most Saturday nights as I am forced to watch it en famille. But I was surprised to find myself squeezing out a few at the end of this week's Antiques Roadshow.
    A lovely bearded senior had brought in a painting he'd believed all his life to be nothing more than a copy of a William Orpen in the Imperial War museum. The expert had told him a couple of weeks ago that it was too good to be a copy, and may indeed be an Orpen and worth 20-30k. (I saw this show too.)
    This week was a follow up. They had the two almost identical paintings on easels in the Museum itself. The exoert had done more digging and found out that the man's painting was indeed an Orpen and was originally and secretly bought by Beaverbrook himself after the Great War, as it was a likeness of Orpen's French mistress and thus was not considered the right subject for a war artist.
    Cue the senior entering the room to be told that they now had to revise their original estimate of its value. A quarter of a million pounds.
    He looked shocked, but in a nice way. He loved the painting and was thrilled it was valued so highly. "It's like a fairy story", were the only words he uttered.

  2. Beautifully recounted, Mr kean - a little shiver trilled about my shoulders as I read that last sentence. Not at all sure how inappropriate was your weeping though... However 'Antiques Road Show' does look good on the list

  3. I forgot to ask. Why were you watching HM? No daughters. Two teenage sons. Is there something you want to tell us?

  4. I knew i shouldn't have posted this. You know how it is - i simply started watching and found myself a) enjoying it and b) weeping copiously.

    PS Have tried to respond to your reponse to my PS PR but find i cannot. What I said was this:

    I don't see how you can put a cap on a million votes (UKIP) or even half a million (BNP) otherwise you won't have any SNP, Plaid, Green, DUP, SDLP representation!

    Also I don't see how you outflank anyone by resigning!

    All very exciting though. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Have you listened to James O'Brien on LBC. Dyed-in-the-wool Labour and a first class broadcaster in my view.

  5. This is so embarrassing! First High School Musical 3 and now Hannah Montana...

  6. Miranda Arnold16 May 2010 at 05:55

    Wynn and Adam - maybe it's because i'm a girl, but I cry at the drop of a hat - Britain's Got Talent, Antiques Roadshow, that old Post Office ad with the little girl waiting for her birthday post (and the postman pretends to go past her gate, but then smiles up to where she's watching out of her window, and goes back). It's making me well up just thinking about it.