Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Singles Chart

It so happens that I have looked today at the singles chart. Not only do I not know any of the songs, I have not heard of any of the artistes. I am delighted to see that there is someone called Fyfe Dangerfield, although I doubt whether he or she is Scottish. I'm not sure about Aggro Santos - sounds rather aggressive. Unlike Chipmunk - band, person, marsupial? - which/who sounds sweet. Nor should we forget Professor Green, though the title of his song is decidedly conservative - "I Need You Tonight". But perhaps he is referring to a bunsen burner, a radio telescope or his much prized copy of Caesar's Conquest of Gaul. Anyway, my ignorance I believe means that I am officially no longer down with the kids and cannot even pretend to be. It is a great relief, to be honest. i can go back to listening to Veedon Fleece, knowing now that it is likely to be as obscure to the young as, say, the Brahms 'Alto Rhapsody' or Duke Ellington's 'Take the A Train'. Hurrah.

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