Sunday, 9 May 2010

Political Notes

Cameron knows that a Conservative minority government will not last, so there is no option but coalition. Having said that, I do think his speech on Friday was outstanding - there was a real sense of the possibilities that chaos brings, that coalition with the LibDems might actually be a positive thing.

I think the Labour government is exhausted. I think it probably thinks that way itself. There needs to be a bloodletting and a reformation, and my bet (see previous post) is that - given the deep unpopularity that the next government, of whatever stripe, will garner - David Milliband will be PM within five years.

This morning Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws (unelected Labour member of Parliament) described the present voting system as "corrupr", but presumably only because it did not return her friend Gordon Brown to power. Silly woman.

It is all fascinating stuff, made all the more thrilling by the Euro crisis hanging like the sword of Damocles above us...

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