Saturday, 17 April 2010

Tottenham Hotspur 2 Chelsea 1

Great match.
Great result.
Bring on United and, er, Bolton
And then bring on City.

And here's a picture of the Spurs 1967 Cup winning team, to celebrate.


  1. The first football match I've actually enjoyed in a long time. And my team lost! particularly the first half, when the speed and precision of Spurs' passing and the noise of the crowd and the importance of the match were downright exhilarating. I found myself laughing at the audaciousness of the new kids on the block, teasing the old men in blue. Modric and Bale were outstanding. Spurs slammed it.

  2. Had Spurs beaten Portsmouth last Sunday would they have beaten Arsenal on Wednesday and Chelsea yesterday? i think not. In my forty years of supporting Spurs (not that avidly, I'll admit) I'm not sure i can remember two games on the trot as compelling as these two. There had been mutterings about Spurs not having beaten any of the Big Four, and therefore not really deserving of their place among them. Well, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have all been beaten at White Hart Lane this season... let us see what's occurrin' at Old Trafford

  3. A mystery Spurs fan has apparently put a substantial amount on his team winning all three matches against the Big 3. At 40-1.